How can I promote my Airbnb listing?

Simple! Here is a list of ways to market your online Airbnb listing for major search engines like Google and Bing as well other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

1. Use well known search keywords in your title and description. 

Common search terms would include the city or area like Sydney, Northern Beaches, The Rocks, Manly or Bondi. Mention any nearby tourist attractions or landmarks like Sydney Harbour, The Quay, The Opera House or Darling Harbour. Don’t forget to mention major events like Sydney Vivid Festival, Festival of Sydney, Australia Day and the likes. These are then indexed by Search engines and can also be found on social media platforms.

2. Connect your Airbnb listing with social media. 

Tweet your Airbnb listing! Post your Airbnb listing URL on Facebook and “+1” your page on Google. Submit your listing in Blogs and other social media platforms even including Linkedin. Any number of inbound links from external websites can help boost your ranking on Google or other major search engines.

3. Set yourself out from the crowd. 

Take a look at what other hosts in your area are charging and use a similar price model. But, here is the key; differentiate yourself by illustrating your listing as different. This could include free access to additional amenities, internet, games, videos, bicycles and surfboards. It may also include negotiating discount vouchers with local eateries, pubs or clubs. Theme your room and decorate it to be a place to getaway from the normal rat race. People want to stay somewhere different from what they are used to at home.

…and the final and most important tip of all…

4. Use a professional photographer for your Airbnb listing! 

Image is everything! Generally speaking, listings with beautiful photos attract more views, more interest and more bookings, so…. the best strategy is to invest time & money into your photos.

High-resolution photographs that showcase your space is the key to making your listing appealing to guests within the Airbnb community. Try to include the bedroom, common area, kitchen, building, views and lifestyle settings including home baked dinners or a hearty breakfast at the dinning table. Don’t forget to take a photo of the local parks, beaches, cafes or attractions.

Another advanced selling feature maybe to use Dusk or Twilight photography which showcases sunsets and the play of lighting on the property – perhaps best achieved by a professional photographer.

Just like the normal property market, a professional photographer is the key marketing tool!

Before: Nikon CoolPix S6800 digital camera with flash   After: Crying Out Loud