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An Event Photographer (and/or videographer) is not just a photographer but an extension of your business on the day; thinking like the business owner and looking out for the best marketing opportunities; capturing photos that highlight your brand, products, service and staff. Let us offer you a far more focused approach to documenting your event that you can use for social media, reports and further marketing.

Strategies used on the day

Event Photography CPExpoA Zoom lens allows you to disappear in the crowd and get great shots of people in their element without suffering stage fright from having a photographer in their face.

Wide angle lens is used for capturing the room setting before and during the event. In addition it can also be used for guest portraits to create a more extreme perspective that captures more of their body and the room which creates a much more interesting story to the image. Something to consider in combination with standard lenses on the day.

Portrait zoom lens are used for meeting and greeting your guests. With some social skills and personality you can have guests feel comfortable and play up to the camera. A photographer with personality will get you the lively photos you are after!

Event Photography CetaphilSpeed lights are used sparingly to cover inadequacies in venue lighting. It may be best to consult with me for venue lighting requirements on the night if you need to highlight musicians, speakers, red carpets, product display or greeting areas.

Portable Studio If you need a mobile studio at your event or awards night, no problem. Also consider including your company banners, sponsorship banners, red carpets, we can also create a complete custom set specifically for photographing visitors & staff.

Two Photographers are better than one You may not have considered the option of having two (or more) photographers. Depending on the size and importance of capturing your event we are able to strategize and have photographers focusing on different aspects covering different areas, elevated views, backstage, mingling amongst the people and working with different equipment.

Video production As an alternate option to a second photographer you may wish to have a videographer to also record the event including interviews. Fully produced videos are optimised for the web offering short 1 or 2 minute montages ready to embed into your website including company branded watermarks, titles and theme music.

Far more advanced options!… 

Event photography PSAPost production Lens correction, white balance and any minor lighting adjustments are included as standard photography practice. Advanced production services also available.

Delivery formatting All photos are compressed to jpeg format in your choice of resolutions and made available to you via your own private Dropbox url link. All other image formats and sizes available on request.

Event Photography PSA2

Watermarking Your company logo, event details, web addresses, dates and transparent copyright information can be formatted into every photo.

Social media Ask about advanced meta-tagging of photos to increase your exposure on the internet. Don’t just have your website show up in a search but also have your photos show up at the very top of the image search!

Photographic Prints While you may be able to get your photos professionally printed on just about every street corner, we are a one stop shop and offer printing of all sizes at wholesale rates!

 We also have eyes in the sky!  

Drone photography & videography

Drone photography & videography is now seen as a powerful element to captivate your audience and give your marketing a “Wow!” factor. Angles like you have never seen before; ideal for capturing a whole new perspective of the event, hard to reach areas, waterfronts and coverage of vast areas.

See your event in a whole new perspective!

What about live Social Media uploading?!…

Live social media links

We can easily do this with live wireless transmissions direct from all the
photographers cameras including the use of a screening process if needed.

The first step…

Take the time to tell me about your event and we can discuss a full service package or a simple flat hourly rate. Call Lee Lucas directly on 0435 150 222 at any hour or submit and enquiry form above.

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See the event photography galley page for more high resolution photos.

Event Photography Sydney

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