For time poor professionals & small business owners…
We come to you!

Head shots, corporate portraits and editorial photo services for busy professionals can now be conducted at your business! All photographic equipment, multiple lights, soft boxes, umbrellas and portable backdrops can be brought to your office on the day.

Portrait PhotographerCorporate head shots & Business Portraits
These are your marketing tools to create a first impression and promote yourself as a personality within your profession. Your photo is often the first point of contact for enquires and is a psychological anchor for customers to relate your products and services. Remember: “Image is everything”.

Portable backdrops allow for a number or different coloured backgrounds including the ability to create a 100% absolute white background. Consider the options of a Full body portrait, 3/4 portrait or simple head & shoulder portraits.

Editorial & creative media ideas
These are for those who want a dynamic, creative edge. Something more than just a ‘head and shoulders’ portrait. It’s an opportunity to put you into context and showcase your office, staff, product or to even stamp a controversial or metaphorical message. It’s about making you look like you are winning in your game!

Get creative and generate a portrait that can be used for your next media release or for a media press pack for that next big thing. Think big, go wild and put some colour into your story!

For editorial portraits an extra consultation needs to take place to discuss your objectives and evaluate a scene. Additional lighting and photographers hand may be needed. We can also supply fashion stylists and hair/make up artists.

Portrait PhotographerWhat exactly is a photographer?
A photographer is not just a camera operator but also a lighting technician, artist and graphic designer rolled into one. We also collaborate with stylists, make up artists and set designers. Remember: “Image is everything” so rethink the option of using your own point and click camera – it comes at a price of your professional image!

A very simple policy: After the shoot we will review the days work to select your photos to go through to post production, if you “Don’t like? Don’t pay!”.

Turn Around Time
Standard portraits can be processed within 24 hours. Larger volumes for company staff portraits may take extra time depending on the number of staff portraits to be processed.

Single image service $100*

  • For the busiest professional – 1 shot same day processing delivered before close of business. In & out!
  • More than one image can be captured in case you wish to purchase more but you are not obliged to.
  • Full post production services: blemish removal, colour corrections, absolute white backgrounds.
  • Images supplied in a number of JPG resolutions ready to use for web and print. Transparent PNG files also available if requested.

Standard Portrait session $250*

  • 30 minutes of your office time.
  • Full body portrait, 3/4 portrait and head shot portrait. Or try different looks (with and without a jacket).
  • Select 3 professional hi-resolution photos from a range of looks and poses against a coloured backdrop system.
  • Full Post production services and high resolutions supplied.

Pro Portrait session $400

  • 30-60 minutes of your office time.
  • Suggested wardrobe changes. Office setting or scenery changes.
  • Select 5 professional hi-resolution photos from a range of looks and poses against a coloured backdrop system.
  • Post production of 3 images. Basic editing (crop, size, rotate, colour correction, highlights, blemishes).
  • Advanced Post production of 2 images (skin, eyes, facial, filter effects, lighting adjustments). Perfection is the key!

Outdoor Portrait session $650

  • 1-2 hours in an office setting, immediate outdoors or pre arranged location to compliment your character, story or image.
  • Select 3 professional hi-resolution photos from a range of looks and natural poses to capture you in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Post production of 3 images. Basic editing (crop, size, rotate, colour correction, highlights, blemishes). Some advanced HDR toning, exposure tricks remove background focus.

Editorial & creative media session $consultationAdvisor Asset Solutions

  • Tell me your idea…
  • Liaisons with your publicist, graphic design team, printer and other members.
  • Shoot location is dependant on the objective goals and ideas derived from your consultation and researched ideas.
  • Outfit changes & location changes.
  • Hair & makeup artists, stylists and photographer assistants on hand.
  • Full post production services on selected images. Additional advanced editing services available and liaisons with

Any additional images can be provided at a basic cost of $100 each or by negotiation on your custom package.

Contact Lee Lucas directly to discuss your idea on 0435 150 222, by email: office@cryingoutloud.com.au or submit a enquiry form and have him call you back at a convenient hour.



* Travel allowances may be charged.