For the aspiring model within us all. For those who wish to take their glamour photo shoot to the next level. See the most recently completed projects on the Facebook fan page here:

 Introductory package $300- 3 hour shoot at your choice of location.
- 3 looks (clothing changes).
- 3 edited photos of your choice e.g. Close up beauty portrait, editorial / fashion shot and body work.
- Additional photo edits $100 eachThe full package $650
- 4 hour shoot on 2-3 locations.
- Unlimited clothing changes.
- Incorporate your ideas.
- 6 of the best edited photos.
- Additional photo edits $80 each.
- Makeup artist recommended (at additional direct cost to makeup artist)

All selected images are supplied in digital format. Prints are also available if requested.

Professional Make Up & Hair
Let me know in advance if you would like a professional hair & make up artist and/or stylist. They are recommended for females and well worth the additional money you pay for them! Let me know if you would like me to organise one on the day as rates do vary depending on their portfolios. Feel free to also make your own arrangements.

For females that choose to do their own make up, we recommend that you use as little makeup as possible. Heavy foundation will flatten you out and will also show up in detail (Blemishes can easily be removed in post production so don't stress!).

For male models a hair & make up artist is not usually necessary. You can easily get away with the hair products you use at home and do your own styling. Try the option of having a 5 day growth beard and shaving it during the day of the shoot for some variety.

PLEASE no artificial tans or fake tans! Everyone always notices the fake tan marks around necks, ankles, wrists and the areas you can't reach. Orange is also not a good colour! It's timely and costly to remove these marks in post production. A make up artist on the day can better achieve this look through the use of bronzer, contouring and shading in collaboration with our lighting. If necessary, post production can always bring back some warm tones into your skin colour with digital colour correction.

Preparing For Your Shoot
Take care of your skin avoiding sun tans or ruff sports play marks and bruising. Remember to hydrate as much as possible as this will help reduce dark rings under your eyes and make your skin more radiant. Your nails should also be clean and well manicured. Pay attention to detail.

Men should avoid training hard on the day of the shoot as you can look depleted, tired and character withdrawn. For body photography; eat a good carbohydrate meal 3 hours before the shoot for a good pump and energy. Remember that a 3-4 hour shoot can be very draining!

If you're getting your hair cut it's best to do this a week before your shoot so as to allow it time to settle in. Be sure to get a good nights sleep so you wake up with a clear head ad relaxed on the day.

Wardrobe on the day
Fit is more important than having the newest or most fashionable item! Let you carry the clothes well and not the clothes try to carry you! Don't be afraid to cover all areas of sport, swimwear, lingerie, fashion and artistic (best to chat to me about this to make sure we can nail the idea you are after).

If you are planning to use these photos for a Comp card with an agency application then its common to cover 5 styles: Sport, swim, formal, casual and a your fun personality in a portrait. Wear outfits that are complimentary to your figure and clothing that reveals your best features. Remember, the purpose of your model portfolio is to showcase you. Keep jewellery simple. Also best to speak with your potential agent and find out what looks they want to see you do so they can promote you.

Processing times
More than double the time can be spent on photos in post production so it can take some time! I prefer to review the photos, apply some retouching and let it sit for another review in a few days. I find this often helps undo over touching and find additional further touching needed. Perfection takes time!

Lets get started...
The next step is to get in touch with me to discuss your ideas. Ideally we should both be motivated and comfortable working with each other. Feel free to call me at any hour to book your shoot otherwise fill in the enquiry form to the right with your ideas and I can call you back to discuss.