The Real Estate ‘Rental Conundrum’

What is the real estate rental conundrum?

Lets set the scene; The current tenant has given their final weeks notice to vacate. The landlord wants another tenant in immediately and does not want to miss a single week of rent. The landlord concerned for costs and constant penny pinching does not want to spend any money in marketing the property as they believe it is not needed. “Can’t you just be resourceful and use your own camera or iPhone?” they remark.

Showing the property prior to existing tenants vacating was unsuccessful. We now enter the 1st week of lost income. The landlord concerned for the lack of enquiries now decides to authorise a professional photographer to photograph their property for marketing purposes.

…meanwhile the 2nd week of lost income has already rolled by.

Treat professional photography like insurance

It’s simple math blended in with the age old theory of “Do-it-right-the-first-time”. I’m sure there is a murphy’s law in here somewhere too.

For just a small fraction of the weekly rent you can have a professional photographer create images just like those used for selling homes. When I say – “small fraction” I’m talking maybe just one quarter to one tenth of the weekly rent. That’s perhaps the cost of a single night’s rent to secure your next tenant Vs. an entire weeks vacancy.

So don’t be a scrooge! It’s a small bit of business insurance to pay. Here are some before & after photos to keep you entertained with the idea:

Dee Why rental property view

Digital DSLR photographic technology now lets us spend as little as 10-20 minutes on site capturing the images (freeing up the rental agent) and perhaps the better part of double to triple that time spent behind a computer bringing it to life – It’s all software now days.

You use photographers for selling homes don’t you? Well, getting a tenant is all part of the same sales game.

So share this link with your landlord, print it out and staple it to their forehead or scream it from the tallest peak in your suburb. Either way, make life a little easier for both of you.