Why use a property Stylist?

Take 45 seconds to watch this video and you will seriously reconsider when you’ll use a property stylist again.

A property stylist shouldn’t have to be just for sales property campaigns. You can now style rental properties for a fraction of the cost using virtual styling.

Property Stylist  Introducing ‘Virtual styling’…

Virtual Styling‘ is an advanced 3D CAD furniture modelling service. We start by professionally photographing the empty room and then artificially create the virtual styling. It’s so realistic, it’s unbelievably flawless! Virtual furniture also interacts with the room around it including existing play of light, casting shadows and reflecting the environment around it in reflective surfaces!

Cost effective SALES tool – ‘Virtual Styling’ is a low cost alternative to real furniture styling which can cost in excess of a few thousand dollars. It can be created and styled as you choose within 48 hours.

“Virtual styling completes the picture to sell the dream or lifestyle”   

Rental properties – Don’t leave it to the imagination – Sell the dream or lifestyle to create the demand and attract the quality tenant you are after. Considered a miracle tool for the empty rental property market.

(Drag the slider left & right to see the before & after results of ‘Virtual Styling’)