Sydney Real Estate Photography

Crying Out Loud provides professional real estate photography & floor plans for residential and commercial properties in Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong.

SALES photography

Using HDR imaging techniques we capture a full range of exposures to then merge together to remove blown out windows, dark corners of rooms or hallways that might be experienced in a single exposure photograph. This allows you to see more of the detail in lead lighting, chandeliers, ornate heritage ceiling detail and the play of light in the room.

Other ideas of staging scenes and use of models come into play while collaborating with the estate agent. Additional attention to detail will see remodelling of the room and advanced techniques of light painting and meticulous photo editing services to create the final image ready for web, print or for a full featured article in a real estate publication.


Real Estate
RENTAL Photography

A cheaper alternative for the fast moving rental market that uses cost effective processes allowing us to be in and out in 15 minutes! That being said, most of the work goes in behind the scenes with post production editing that still creates eye catching level of professionalism.

Rental photography typically makes primary use of single exposure images (all that should be needed) designed to be in and out with minimal disruption freeing up the time of the Rental managing agent.

Real Estate Photography Sydney

Retail shops, warehouse, restaurants, medical, Hotels & B&Bs.

Commercial spaces can be difficult to market and so require some fast creative photography to focus on work space elements for commercial applications and potential opportunities. All of these require advanced post-production editing. HDR imaging is now an essential element for large commercial spaces.

Floor plans generally go hand-in-hand with photos in the overall marketing solution. These are now completed on site with software & laser measures to ensure no errors are created.

For more photos, visit the real estate photo gallery here.

Real EstateReal Estate Photographer Sydney

The floor-plan fits all the visual pieces together and is often the first point of interest to a potential buyer (or renter).

New software techniques allow us to now capture every last detail while on site. Yes, that's right, plans are drawn up and finalised on site! No more scribbling on graph paper, going back to the office and outsourcing to a draftsperson. This helps create fewer misleading errors or last minute alterations to repair lacking detail.

Its a cheaper option to have the floor plan done at the same time as the photography. Calling on a separate floor planner is an unnecessary additional expense that attracts additional call out fees. See some plan design samples here.

"How do I get my photos & floor plans?" Photos are delivered to your very own private Dropbox URL link (sent to you by email) ready to download by 9am start of business.

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