Real Estate Video Production

Real Estate Video is the key to harnessing the power of social media channels. We offer video marketing solutions ranging from fast turn around social media grabs to fully customised property showcase productions. Video production is just another part of the total marketing solution we offer with multiple staff working onsite at your listing at the same time to get the job done in a single visit.

Real Estate Video production for sales properties, auction profiles, agent profiles and custom ordered market updates. Take a look at the set out examples below or see a wealth of examples on out Youtube channel here.

1. Property Showcase

Consultation & Story Board. Agent Intro, ultra & narration. Featuring detail of fixtures, appliances and flooring. Integrated slide show of dynamic images, music, titles & agent details captured beautifully presented in 90-120 secs.

2. Property Premiere

The property that needs no introduction! A complete walk-through of every room including fixtures & finishes set to energy lifting music. No agent needed. 60-120 secs.

3. Social Media Grab

Sell yourself! Include an agent ‘Intro’ & ‘Outro’ integrated into a video slide show of dynamic images, music, titles & agent details captured beautifully presented in 60-90 secs.

4. Auction Profile

Consultation & Story Board. Seller/Buyer/Auctioneer interviews, agency brand, office & location montage. Working with buyers.90-120 secs.

5. Market updates

Consultation & Story Board. Agent presenter, agency branding. Montage of properties, locations, charts. 

6. Hotels & B&Bs

Whether it’s a 2 minute full feature video to sell the hotel & surrounds or just a simple 30 second room profile. Video allows you to sell with ’emotion’ speaking louder than photos when it comes to accommodation marketing.

See our Youtube channel for more examples here.