Aerial Drone Photography & Video production


Aerial Photography Sydney

We offer a new eye-opening perspective for marketing property. Using UAV licensed drone technology, aerial photography is best used to capture elevated building perspectives, hard to access hillside properties, over head birds-eye views to show lot size and to additionally illustrate property’s relative location to local icons.

Video Production
We offer a full range of services including standard real estate photography, floor plans, virtual furniture and other product services to complete a total marketing solution. Aerial video is no doubt the eye catching, attention grabber and no doubt has a strong purpose when needing to show district outlooks, relative locations, lot size and shape.

Our advantage is a photography marketing experience!
The emerging market of drone operators is now flooded with inexperienced photographers. Our advantage is that we started as photographers and video producers and have years of marketing experience relative to the real estate industry. Aerial photography & video is an additional element to the total solution we can provide.

CASA Licensed operator
Yes, we are CASA licensed RPAS/UAV operators with $20 mil Public Liability insurance.

Aerial Photography of San Souci

Aerial VR 360 Panoramas

This is really cool!...

See your property site and district in a clear 360 degree panorama from the air! Get every answer in a single interactive 360 image.

"Engage your customers with a fantastic new 360 perspective!"

Really engage your audience on social media - Facebook now supports  interactive 360 degree panorama posts!

Aerial VR tours available for large estates, development sites, resorts and theme parks.

Easy to insert your 360 panorama on your website, Domain or Real estate listings using embedded URL links.

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